SCMS 2018 VGSSIG Events

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the 2018 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference! This year, the conference will be held in Toronto, Canada from March 14 – 18, 2018.

Below is a list of video game studies-related panels as well as VGSSIG programs and events planned for this upcoming conference. VGSSIG Sponsored panels are also noted with a star. You can also view a Google Docs Spreadsheet of this year’s programming at the following link: Click here.

Note: The list below contains video game studies related panels where all papers will be speaking about video games. The Google Docs spreadsheet also includes a list of panels containing at least one video game studies related paper.

Wednesday, March 14

  • A3 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Playing the Other?: Exploring Identity and Agency in Contemporary Narrative Games, 9am
  • C5 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Monstrosity, Disability, and Mental Illness: Unpacking Gendered Tropes in Video Games, 1pm
  • E18 Wham, Bang, Insert Extra Quarter for Pow: Intersections of Superheroes and Videogames, 5pm

Thursday, March 15

  • F3 Ways of Play: Histories and Futures of Genre in Video Game Studies, 10am
  • G21 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Play Interpellation and Identification, 12pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Visit to Ontario College of Art and Design University game:play lab, 3:30pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Toronto the Geeky: Tours of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy, 6:30pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Toronto the Geeky: Reception, 7:45pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Toronto the Geeky: Panel Discussion, 8:30pm

Friday, March 16

  • J18 Theorizing Everything: Perspectives on David OReilly’s Experimental Game, 11:15am
  • K9 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Queer Interface: Video Games, Embodiment, and Code, 1:15pm
  • L14 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Gaming Cultures and Player Communities, 3:15pm
  • VGSSIG Annual Meeting, 6pm in Maple West

Saturday, March 17

  • O8 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Demystifying Video Game Monsters, 1pm
  • Q15 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Gaming Bodies as Techniques of Corporeal Mediation, 5pm

Sunday, March 18

  • R13 Seminar: Video Games and Material Culture
  • S1 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Broadcasting Play: Mediating Videogames for an (Inter)active Audience, 11:30am

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