Below is the archive of previous years’ VGSSIG events.


Wednesday, March 14

  • A3 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Playing the Other?: Exploring Identity and Agency in Contemporary Narrative Games, 9am
  • C5 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Monstrosity, Disability, and Mental Illness: Unpacking Gendered Tropes in Video Games, 1pm
  • E18 Wham, Bang, Insert Extra Quarter for Pow: Intersections of Superheroes and Videogames, 5pm

Thursday, March 15

  • F3 Ways of Play: Histories and Futures of Genre in Video Game Studies, 10am
  • G21 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Play Interpellation and Identification, 12pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Visit to Ontario College of Art and Design University game:play lab, 3:30pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Toronto the Geeky: Tours of the Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy, 6:30pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Toronto the Geeky: Reception, 7:45pm
  • VGSSIG Sponsored Social: Toronto the Geeky: Panel Discussion, 8:30pm

Friday, March 16

  • J18 Theorizing Everything: Perspectives on David OReilly’s Experimental Game, 11:15am
  • K9 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Queer Interface: Video Games, Embodiment, and Code, 1:15pm
  • L14 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Gaming Cultures and Player Communities, 3:15pm
  • VGSSIG Annual Meeting, 6pm in Maple West

Saturday, March 17

  • O8 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Demystifying Video Game Monsters, 1pm
  • Q15 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Gaming Bodies as Techniques of Corporeal Mediation, 5pm

Sunday, March 18

  • R13 Seminar: Video Games and Material Culture
  • S1 (★ VGSSIG Sponsored Panel): Broadcasting Play: Mediating Videogames for an (Inter)active Audience, 11:30am